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About me

I have years of experience in running and organising restaurants and offices as well as managing and running my own business. Throughout my career I was involved in managing projects, databases and was responsible for implementing new systems and procedures. The vast majority of my career was focused on improving performance or maintaining high standards and meeting deadlines and targets. 

I am passionate about sustainable and waste free lifestyle and I often use my sewing and crafting skills to upcycle or repurpose items that would otherwise end up in landfill. I am a keen crafter who loves fixing, repurposing and reimagining old items such as clothing or furniture and I often help my friends and family with their own projects and ideas.

I can help you to tackle jobs such as:

  • Organising clothing in the wardrobes, cupboards and hallway

  • Fixing, repurposing or upcycling clothes, soft furnishings or furniture

  • Assembling flat packed furniture or accessories

  • Mastering the raft of children’s toys in bedrooms and playrooms

  • Downsizing to a smaller property

  • Tackling your small business’ or home’s paperwork

  • Making the kitchen easier to prepare meals in

  • Reclaiming your hobby or craft room to be able to create things in

  • Establishing a dedicated area for you to work from home productively

  • Organising your photo collection (whether printed or electronic)

  • Opening and categorising the mountain of post you’ve accumulated

  • Confronting the fiddly jobs like the medicine cabinet, your jewellery collection, the toolbox

  • Or anything else you'd appreciate an organised hand with

Organise and store your belongings

Working with you to understand your goals, we can:

  • Devise storage solutions for the items you do actually need

  • Display the items you really do want

  • Review the flow of your home to improve day-to-day tasks

  • Ensure your most frequently used items are stored in the easiest places to reach

  • Re-purpose areas or rooms that have become dumping grounds

  • Optimise the space you already have

  • Introduce systems to help you stay on top of things going forward

  • Determine what’s still required and what’s no longer serving its purpose

Redesign your headspace too

During this process you are likely to:

  • Create a welcoming haven to retreat to from the hustle and bustle of the outside world

  • Have more clarity on what’s important in your life and what you can let go of

  • Reduce the mind chatter that dwells on the past or speculates on what the future might bring

  • Be more confident to make changes in other areas of your life too

Services include: Home storage solutions / De-cluttering assistance / Space optimisation ideas / Kitchen design & planning / Downsizing & Home Moving preparation / Small Business or Home Office Organising / Paper & Electronic Data Management / Wardrobe & Closet Organising / Interior Redesign / Photo Management



Young Businesswomen



This session enables me to see first-hand the scale of the project and it will enable me to determine how long your project might take. Together we can decide what should be tackled in which order and help you to focus on what your key priorities are.

There is no obligation to book a package following the Initial Consultation.

Virtual consultations can be conducted over Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp.

£35 for 1 virtual hour (recommended)

£35 for 1 hour onsite*


*plus additional £1 per mile travel fee from LL63 5TH (and up to 30 miles from) to your postcode




This is the minimum session length and works well for a short sharp burst of activity to tackle a small project or area. You’d need to be focussed on change and ready to let certain things go for this to be manageable in this timeframe.

£95 for 3 hours onsite*


*plus additional £1 per mile travel fee from LL63 5TH (and up to 30 miles from) to your postcode




This is the most popular timeframe for my clients. It fits within the school run, you can break the back of larger projects and really see notable results in one-day.

£150 for 5 hours onsite*

*plus additional £1 per mile travel fee from LL63 5TH (and up to 30 miles from) to your postcode




Sometimes you need a helping hand for the bigger projects in your life where a regular partnership over weeks or months will help you reach your goals. There are likely to be tasks for you to accomplish between our sessions to maximise our time together.

Virtual consultations can be conducted over Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp.

£30 for 1 virtual hour

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